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just washed Yamaha problems

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Can anybody point me in the right direction on this? I just washed my 1986 Yamaha Venture. Right after washing it started sputtering badly and will not hardly idle. Every now and then it will rev up but mostly it just sputters at idle!
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You might have got a bunch of water in where the plugs are at or into the carbs. Turn the gas off and drain the carbs using the small screw on the float bowls. You can dry where the plugs are at with compressed air if you have a compresser or by letting it sit overnight.
Almost 100% electrical. If you have compressed air, dry it as best you can. Then start it up and let it idle until it gets warm, up to op. temp. Should dry out any water causing a problem.
Thanks guys. I will try both this morning.
I got it going this am. Thanks for the suggestions. I could not really get to the coils on this bike without taking the fairing off! So, I blew it out as best I could. Still had problems. Took some electrical motor cleaner that I had and sprayed it over the coils......VROOOM!
WD 40 does a good job of drying out wet ignition components, too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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