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Hey there! I’m new to the forum and new to the riding world as well. My name is Jeff and I’m 28 years old from Chicago, IL. I’ve been around bikes my entire life as my uncles were all big bikers growing up, and even still today. I also have a lot of friends who have been into riding motorcycles for years, and some new to the scene just like me. My father built a dyna low rider when I was still in middle school, and ever since then I had wanted to get a motorcycle of my own. I recently purchased my first one, a 1981 Honda CB900C for a fairly low price. I have video proof of it running before I bought it, but it killed the battery over the winter and by that I mean completely killed it. I purchased a new battery when I got it home, the lights came on and everything seemed fine, but it wouldn’t turn over and then it killed a second battery which was only a week old. After I looked into it, I figured out it was the stator, so I went ahead and replaced that as well as the rotor and the rectifier. Now after doing so, the starter spins and you can hear it kind of trying to get it going, but the bike still won’t turn over. Me being so new to this I’m not sure what else I should really do but any kind of suggestions from more knowledgeable folks will definitely be appreciated! I look forward to getting the chance to learn new things from anyone who is willing to help!
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