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Jay Leno

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From what I've heard, hands and face burned. How much I don't know.
I hope he recovers fast, from one motorcycle/car fanatic to another.
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I have met Jay a few times....... I will pray for him......
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Glad you had no fire ! .

I too have met Mr. Leno and he is in fact a high class act, doesn't look down upon others and truly loves old machines like I (? we ?) do .

The news of the burns was never good, they waffled a bit at first but it's bad, very bad like Vito says .

I too have had some bad burns from working, I'm pretty sure they were my fault .
yea... I would join up and drive with some drag racer guys ( "Roland Leong,"The Hawaiian", Tom " Mongoo$e" McEwen, "TV" Tommy Ivo, and George Barris), to a 'main street' style car show. Jay would show up, ( nearly always with that massive steam-powered, or his 16 cyl. antique beast ), and he acted like a 'racer fan' when he showed up....
What a nice guy!!
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