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Even though I've owned Japanese motorcycles and cars over the last 50+ years, I didn't discover the J.I.S. screwdriver until I bought a used Miata and joined the forum. Now I wonder how I wonder how I ever got along without them. If you you look very closely at the J.I.S. bit (I now own screwdrivers and bits for ratchet screwdrivers and smaller drivers for confined spaces) you will see a tiny "x" around the larger "+". It's this deep combination that mates so much better with the J.I.S. screw which you will only see on Japanese vehicles. On my Miata a standard Phillips screwdriver would eventually slip out of the J.I.S. screw head or even strip it. The J.I.S. screwdriver and screw actually give you so much better grip that you worry about stripping the threads of the screw instead of stripping the head. With this better contact you don't have to grip the handle so hard which gives better control in tight places.

I wish all vehicles used this system. By the way, let's give an honorable mention to the Torx head screws and bits.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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