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Like bpe said the fault code will help.
Call the dealer maybe he will run it for free. Here in ‘merica some of the older cars, I have a van you can do it on, is pull the code with a cheap electric meter. The number of beeps when you turn the key on gives it to u.
Sounds like u burned the rear brake pads or drums. That instructor is stupid to tell u to ride clutch against brake for that amount of time.

I’d check fluids. Brake fluid, clutch fluid, if it’s separate from engine oil, and then engine oil. Then pull the rear wheel and look at the brake pads or shoes. If worn real bad u gotta replace them.

if u got the clutch too hot and warped the plates it will not want to disengage,
it will drag.

I don’t know about over there, but to clear the codes here u just disconnect the battery for about 15 minutes. It should reset itself after that.

All that other stuff, after riding in the rain, water might have gotten in a few places it should not be. Wiring connections, stuff like that. Just let it sit in a dry place for a few days see if that fixes those issues.

Good luck guy.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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