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I am looking at a 1986 XT 350 on craigslist. If you wish to see the ad you have to search for it by searching for "1986 XT 350" on Portland craigslist.

The text from the ad is as follows

"Runs great. Mechanically it is a 10. Cosmetically a 7. New throttle cable and clutch cable. New dirt tires and the highway tires are included. All the plastic is in great shape and not cracked. Factory street legal bike with the tac and speedo.

The bad: Two small tears in seat and the tank has a small dent. The for boots are cracked."

I was wondering if this is a good bike, if the cracked fork boots are expensive to have replaced (some sort of estimate would be an extra bonus), and any other sort of advice would be well appreciated.
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