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I've always seen them are more of a sportbike version of a dual sport.

No idea how accurate this is, but it seems pretty legit:

Dual Sport
Pros: Capable on all surfaces
Cons: Less comfortable, some have less power, not the coolest-looking

The idea behind a dual-sport motorcycle lies right within the name. It's intended to be able to serve two purposes, one being daily street-legal driving, the other being the ability to escape the neat, well-traveled paths and get into the dirty, dusty, uneven places that require more capability. They have higher ride heights for clearance over obstacles, they have a lot of suspension travel, and they're typically fitted with single-cylinder engines.
Pros: Good handling, better at high speeds
Cons: Less capable off-road

Just by looking at the profile of a supermoto, you'll notice the differences, with the biggest being the wheels. Supermotos lean more toward street performance and thus have smaller wheels and thicker, wider tires to handle tighter turns and more speed. They also have different gearing to get up to speed and bigger brakes for stopping power. They maintain the more upright seating position of a dual sport, but the suspension is usually stiffened up a bit. It's not typical for supermotos to have twin-cylinder engines, but it's an available option with bikes like the Ducati Hypermotard and the KTM 950.

These slick-looking bikes are like little love children of motocross and road racing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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