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Is chopper rex 125 any good ?

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So the other day i saw one for sale and I was wandering if it was any good. I m a beginner rider and I like the looks of it and it has only 125 cc so it shoud be good for learning. So does anyone know about that bike is it good or bad?
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Looks good man as long as you get it VERY cheaply:smile_big:

Are you sure that isn't a new Indian bagger?:wink2:

If it is Chinese, after sale support and parts and service is probably nonexistent:surprise:

If it stays together, it looks like a good starter bike:smile_big:

Welcome to the forum.:angel:

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Where do you live? It almost seems like these things only exist in other parts of the world.

Looks like Kymco came up with the design first, then Chinese brands copied it. As always with Chinese bikes, your mileage may vary.

It does look pretty awesome, though!

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