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Ended up finding a washer today a little out of the way, but very great place. Small shop that pretty much just works on Japanese bikes. Talked with the owner for a while, really cool guy and he gave me the washer (this was before talking and later deciding to buy other items). I was struggling to find a local place that I trusted to do work for me. Either they don't work on suzuki, seem really sketchy and horribly reviewed or very far away. I think I found my shop for my complicated issues.

I told him I was considering a few synthetics I read about online and he recommended belray 10x40 4T EXL. I was surprised a mineral oil would be better than synthetic, but I don't know a ton with this stuff. Apparently from what I searched later this oil is amazing.

Mentioned I was looking at a KN filter, but he said they weren't that great. He me tuonef the brand hiflo or even the stock. I thought aftermarket would be better, but he said these stock filters are usually the way to go in my case.

Added all of this other stuff to hear back what you all think. It ended up being a good trip. Grabbed 3 quarts, stock filter, magnetic drain plug and washer for the same that I would have paid on Amazon. Thinking of bringing it in to him around 5k-6k miles for general maintenance and tougher things to check that involve removing multiple parts.
K&N air filters are fantastic, but I have not heard great things about their oil filters either.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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