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Intro and Question

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Hey all I decided to join this forum for helpful information as well as just because I love bikes. I live in Pensacola Florida and I am getting ready to purchase my first bike. I already have an Idea about what kinda I want to get, only because it is i know but its how I roll. Well anyway i guess I should get to the question i have.

I am a big guy. I easily push 330 I wanted to buy a Kawasaki 250 because it is cheap and I have heard from everyone I talk to that it is an excellent beginner bike. So my actual question is will my big behind make the bike slow down or should i invest in something bigger? I have been told the Hayabusa is probably the biggest bike, but they are also out of my price range. So if you could give me some helpful ideas as to what I can ride without sitting so low a squirrel could clothes line me, it would be appreciated. So thanks
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There's a lot of Ninja 250 fans here, but I'd suggest going up to a 500. Plenty of power, should get you going quickly without topping out too low for highway speeds. I don't find a huge difference in the 250/500 prices, at least out here in the West.

I'd suggest going to a dealer, and sitting on all the bikes. See what's comfortable for you, then look for a used bike, unless you find the perfect new one.
Put it to you this way, I'm around 230 some and a 500 Ninja moves me around at a real good clip. You might want to consider a 500 instead of a 250 as Guy said.
Excellent news guys now can someone give me a good site that I can find a used bike I am gonna try and stay around the $3000 range new or used.
I'm a big fan of Craigslist. Try this link:

There's a couple of Ninja's on it, and back on Aug 28 there was a 2000 Ninja for $1900.
i kinda like the SUZUKI SAVAGE. ... . if you are pushin 330 this thing is a one cylender 600cc has lots of LOW END GRUNT!! with a smoooooooth power ban... they are not squirley.. .. did i say SMOOTH power... i recomend a THUMPER for any beginner.. did i say PREDICTABILITY.. .. yea they handle Vary nice!! .. do a google for (((SUZUKI SAVAGE)) see how the bike fits... .. .. .... .. save your money and get a bike that fits you.. STAY AWAY FROM ANY BIKE THAT HAS A COUNTER ROTATIING MOTOR... stick with honda or suzuki.. the motors spin in the right direction.... if it is to expensive you can opt for a honda CM400T.. .. do a google.. .. they are also vary nice bikes for the beginner
Thanks guys really appreciate the good advice.
STAY AWAY FROM ANY BIKE THAT HAS A COUNTER ROTATIING MOTOR... stick with honda or suzuki.. the motors spin in the right direction....
I guess he doesn't like Australian bikes. They must spin backwards, like water goes backwards when going down the drain. :p
As CHOPPY said the Suzuki Savage is a sweet bike and especially for a beginner. You can still go to the dealer to sit on a new one to decide if its comfortable for you however they renamed it a few years back so you would want to look for boulevard s-40. This being your first bike I would like to direct you towards a used bike. (I go about 220 to 230lbs and the 250cc bikes won't pull me up to speed quick enough to do much riding so I would say start between 400cc and 750cc) Happy hunting!
did i read hayabusa, even if i rode for 10 years i wouldnt touch one of those
I have a S-40 boulevard (wifes). And while it is an excellant beginners bike,I get the impression you are looking for more of a sport style rather than cruiser? More information would be nice! You're 330lbs. "OK" but is that [email protected]'tall or 330 @6'2"? Any experience riding? Do you plan to carry a passenger often? It all matters!
Hey bassaddict! Welcome to the site. I always have to throw two other Suzis into the mix just for variety :D ; the V-strom 650 and the SV650. Both should be available used.
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