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Input on engine size - for touring - reliability and fuel economy paramount :)

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Hey :p it's been a while since I've ridden and I'm hoping for some feed-back on what size engine to go for.

I'm pretty sure ;) I want:
- a small engine for low weight and fuel use
- something mechanically simple - with no ecu or similar electronics
- an engine comfortable cruising between 80-100kph/50-64mph highway
- to carry around 250kg/550pounds (riders, fuel, gear)
- over back-roads and with some power for rough terrain
- sea-level to alpine, seal to dirt track

I'm not looking for flash, but extreme durability - as the plan is to break something in before a ten thousand plus ride ;) So I'll also be asking some questions later about people's experience with age and brand of engine :p

I like the sound of a 250, but suspect I might have to go higher - 250 has been fine for me in the past, carrying gear and extra fuel, but I didn't ride any real terrain, and had no passenger.

Do you think I could get away with 250?

Should I consider 500 a minimum?

Thoughts and opinions welcome! :)
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So basically you want a dual purpose bike but don't know what size to go with? Tough call though I feel the Kawasaki KLR650 is a great all around bike that can go off road. A wee bit on the heavy side though. Maybe something in the 400cc range, like the Suzuki DR-Z400s.
KLR 650 Kaw or a 650 V-strom. The KLR will be the cheapest and there are lots of aftermarket stuff out there for it. They do vibrate alot though. Lower gearing and lead in the bars helps alot. The Kaw will get better mileage and is less complicated than the V-strom.
A 250 sounds good? I'd want a 500 or larger if it were me.
The 650 Kaw and V storm are good picks as others have said, as are a few others, but not a 250.
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