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Hello all!

I want to build a cafe racer. I know, I know, every one is building them but I saw one that I fell in love with and want to build one of my own. Because I don't want to start with a bike that can be restored, I decided to start from scratch. All I have now is the frame to a 1992 R100 RT. I do have the title to the frame, I'm not that stupid.....I don't think.
What I intend to do is build a very bare bones bike using BMW parts based on what will fit together and looks good to me. I like the look of the 70 and late 80's engines and late 70's tanks the most. I would prefer to have a r100 engine but I'm open to other possibilities. I am not going for a stock look at all. The less on the bike the better.
So help me out and tell me where I can find which engines will fit. I already bought the Clymer manual for use when I start the work and I plan to make a thread dedicated to the build once I start so that everyone can learn from my mistakes.

Thanks for reading and for any help!
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