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Nice collection! Now, was that what a complete tool kit would have had in it? Or are there different tools from different models and so forth? I've never seen any original Indian tools. I do have a couple antique Ford wrenches, but they're probably a dime a dozen.

Maybe that's why Indian went out of business? They couldn't spell.:smile:
Well, Eye, I have 4 Ford 'T' coils, 6 volts d.c. in, 10,000 out, wired it up to the door knob for English class back in J.H.
All it got me was dragged to the pricipal's office, teacher had absolutely no sense of humor. Some biker told me, that he
took one of these coils and hooked to a spark plug fitted into the exhaust, fired up the coil an pulled the choke, looked
even better at night.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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