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Unlike most old race bikes, this mint-condition classic has seen more carpet than dirt.
We’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming about what we call a “living room bike.” The concept of a living room bike is simple, and it’s pretty obvious from the name. It’s a bike that you keep on display inside of your home instead of riding it.
Some folks may find that thought depressing, but it’s just another way of enjoying a motorcycle. Instead of racking up miles, you can just stare at it and enjoy it like a beautiful work of art. It’s a sculpture in rubber, aluminum, and steel.

Of course, in our ideal scenario, we’d have a few bikes we could rotate out and ride periodically. That way, the bike would still get some road use on it. However, if we owned the bike seen here, we’re not sure that setup would work out. We’ll explain why.
We found this 1980 Harley-Davidson XR-750 flat tracker for sale on Racing Junk. Currently located in Libertyville, Illinois, it’s never been raced. In fact, the seller advises that it’s only ever been started three times in its lifetime — the last time being 35 years ago.
Out of the Garage, Into the House
Since then, it’s always been kept inside his home. As you can imagine, the bike is in phenomenal, museum-quality shape. The seller states that one solitary fin is bent, and as he explains, it was that way when he got it. In fact, that fin could have been bent during shipping when the bike was new!

Of course, it is a little sad that this bike was never used for its intended purpose. If machines had souls, we’d imagine that this old race bike would be upset that it never got to push the limits going sideways in the dirt.
However, this bike has been loved and enjoyed as a piece of rolling art for over three decades. Now, it could serve as a great reference tool to help restore tired old race bikes.
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