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I bought a Craigslist junker, a 78 honda cb550k

The bike didn't come with an ignition switch, just a new one still in the box with zero installation instruction.

I've searched everywhere for instructions, I've ben to two honda dealerships and they where no help at all!

The switch has five prongs: 2 high, 3 below

The bikes wire colors are: Red, black, brown w/ a white line, and 2 solid browns.

Help PLEASE!!!

If i had to guess it would be red then black on top, then brown, brown/white, brown??
Id try it but i don't want to burn up the wires and have to rewire everything.


sorry i have picture but the stupid post restriction rule wont let me put them up. #DumbRule

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Do you have a volt-ohmmeter? The only diagram I could find only shows 4 connections, but two (for the brown wires) could be connected together:
It shows the wires connected to the switch in the Off position, and the connections the switch makes in the ON position, then in the Park position. The red wire comes from the battery through a fuse, and the switch connects that to the black wire in the ON position. A brown wire goes to the tail lamp, no telling where the other brown wire goes, but with the switch in the ON position, brown connects to brown/white, which goes to all the other lamps. In Park, the red is connected to the brown. You can use your ohmmeter to see which terminals on the switch connect when you change the key position. If two are always connected, even with the switch off, the brown wires probably connect to them. You can also verify that the colors go where the diagram shows, perhaps what the extra brown wire goes.
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