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ignition module question???

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We are having problems with a bike we have...custom built Revtech. We have figured out that it is not the voes or the coil.....once the bike has warmed up a bit and it is under a load-it starts missing out...Does anyone know if this could be the ignition module? We have checked the battery cables, fuel and fuel lines.etc....thanks, lisa in topeka
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Hey Lisa,
Sorry for the late response but I just joined this group and came across your post today. However, in order to better help you out I would need to know a couple more things about your motor.
In regards to your Ign. system: Most RevTech engines come with a switchable and tunable Ign. control module. Does your motor have single or duel coils?
Is your module set for single fire our duel fire? Was the static timing properly set when the module was installed? And, are you dealing with a custom bike or one that was built by a manufacturer? Trust me, it could make a difference.
But, given your symptoms, I would look more into your fuel system first.
Does your RevTec have the standard Mikuni H42 carb.? Have you tried dialing and adjusting it in yet? Do you have any restricted fuel flow to the carb. that would cause it to lean out at higher fuel demand situations? Heres a quick test you can do to find out. Check the color of your spark plugs when the motor is running properly at low speeds. They should look tan or light brown at the tips if all is good. Now run the bike under a good load when the motor starts acting up. Hit the kill switch and coast safely to a stop and pull your plugs again and see what they look like. If they look ashen or whitish instead of that nice tan color your motor is running really lean and starving for fuel. If their black and sooty, indicating to much fuel, then I would head to the ign. system as the problem.
Hope this helps out and not to late.
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