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Had a chance to review Icon's Victory Death or Glory all leather jacket and thought I'd share my investigation with you guys.

I was first intrigued by the jaw-dropping looks this jacket has ... then curious as to why the jaw dropping price tag that comes along with it.

The all leather hide, CE armor protection, and padded back protector ensure that this jacket will protect you against both impact and abrasion in the unfortunate event of a crash.

For an all-leather jacket it does exceptionally well in keeping the rider cool (temperature as well as looks). The exhaust vents in the back of the jacket do a great job of allowing hot air to exit the jacket preventing 'back sweat'.

The best part about this jacket - you will notice when you first look at it. It's like the ubber sexy hottie walking down the sandy beach towards you - you can't but help stare. This jacket is probably the most intensely styled motorcycle jacket I've ever seen.

After giving this jacket an in-depth examination I can tell you this:

What the jacket does offer the rider is worth every penny, however, what it offers may not necessarily appeal to the majority of riders.

If you want to read the full review check out:
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