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Thought you would all enjoy a video I put together of rebuilding (sorta) my new non-working 1990 EX500. I kind of modeled it off a Mustie / Watch Wes Work style video, so hopefully it's not too long / boring. There are some funny bits and some tips throughout the video as well.

I had to do a fair amount of carburetor work. Like, pulled the dumb thing off 3 times to try to get it working. First time, all I did was clean it out with some carb cleaner. Second time, I removed the jets and cleaned the passages (not sure if I did it well enough). THIRD (and final) time, I took everything apart, soaked it, blew air through every stinking passage, removed the idle air mixture screw, cleaned that, reset the float positions to the stock 17.5mm setting, then put it back together. After that, it FINALLY ran like a dream.

Prior to that, I was having trouble where it would idle okay for 2 minutes and then once it warmed up it would die. So I figured clean the jets and call it a day, but that didn't solve it. It would change it's idle speed randomly (start up and idle at 2k rpm, then ride around for a bit and idle at 4k rpm, then died at a traffic light...???). Needed to do a serious overhaul on it.

Besides that, needed new oil and filter, clutch lever needed the slack removed, needed a new battery, Needed a new air filter and the air filter housing cleaned up (old one turned into cheese cubes), and that's pretty much it. Carbs definitely took up almost all of the time though.

I have yet to see another example of this bike in this color scheme, but I believe that's because it is custom. I believe it also has a Cobra exhaust which is rather hard to find these days. The Corbin seat is extremely comfortable.

I hope you guys enjoy the video.

I have had the bike around a year now, and have probably put 3k miles onto it. It's arguably one of my favorite bikes to ride around on. It's so lightweight and has plenty of power. I find it more enjoyable than my Intruder and Concours (haven't really ridden the Nighthawk around much).

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