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I assume you have a reason for St Louis .. Monica knows that area .. I avoid St Louis if at all possible but can understand if have a reason for it being part of your trip .. After heading West from St Louis can catch Hwy 63 South , then down to Highway 60 and Head West across the rest of Missouri, last time I rode that area was all good road and decent Riding .. When get around Joplin can pick up Route 66 into Oklahoma if that works out for you .. Can't help you a whole lot here because as a rule I go way farther South to Head west across Texas, being from Florida .. But have ridden all the roads I mentioned ..

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I didn’t listen to your video all the way through. I’ll admit that straight up.

I heard you say at the beginning of your video that you weren’t sure where in California are you wanted to end up.

My wife and I had to go out to a conference about a year ago in California. The conference was held in San Diego. I personally had never been to the West Coast.

I was personally impressed with the San Diego area and I guess many people have said that in the past, because of the terrific weather patterns.

I’m sure there are many fine places to see in California, and I’ll just throw my hat in the ring for San Diego.

The only caveat that I would offer with regard to California is that I would be concerned about mudslide season, or rainy season, or the fire season that they have. I don’t know which one of those you could potential (not where) hit when you arrive out there so you’d want to plan accordingly in that regard.

The only other thought I would offer is that I had watched a show about the old route 66 going west and I think it started in Chicago didn’t it? Furthermore there were sections of 66 that technically didn’t exist anymore and we’re difficult to track.

It looks like you want to pretty much take the southerly route and I wouldn’t blame you for that, again depending on the time of year that you go.
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