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i need some info on Honda CBR's

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hey guys. im going to be a first time rider and i have been looking around at various makers and have narrowed it down to either a Honda CBR, Suzuki GSXR, or Kawasaki Ninja.

I was looking at about 500cc's and was wondering if honda's cbr comes in a 500cc
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The CBR comes in a 600 or a 900. The common CBR600's are the F4i and the RR. The F4i isn't being built now (in 08).

The "900" is an RR: commonly the 900, which went to a 929, then went to a 954, then took on the 1000 label. The 900's are sometimes called Fireblades (overseas models actually said it on the side). The 08 CBR1000RR is an absolutely sick bike, and if I hadn't just got an absolutely smoking deal on an 07 Yamaha R1, I would be adding the 1000RR to my Fireblade collection :D
hey man,,,the honda cbr is a great starter bike, i own a honda cbr 600cc and i find it easy to manouver and control, they are lighter than the gsxr and easier to ride on. if u get a bike try to get at least a 600cc, less than that and u will feel the loss of power to much wen putting on a passenger or generally rideing. hope u find a bike ciao
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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