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  1. Right so im making this forum cause this is the first motorcycle ive ever even touched and i got it in pieces and trying to put it together. So for my first problem is im putting the handle bars and front end together but in the handle bars is a piece i cant seem to figure out what goes there it has some threading on it so im assuming i have to put it on before the gauge/handle bar mount View attachment 60297

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And hello to you.
A couple of things would help. A pic from further back, and a better description of parts. The bars are connected to the top of the triple tree. The FINE thread, as opposed to course threads, hold the top piece to the lower TT part. There are usually two nuts that hold the upper TT part in place. Sherlock would wonder why the triple tree nuts were removed. Be a good plan to look for evidence of upper and lower bearings in the steering head. The aforementioned nuts set the clamping tension for the bearings. Perhaps I should pause here, until we get a few more facts.


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You need more help than you know!
Back in the 70s, those bikes were called "The Widowmaker".....
...for a good reason!!
They were widely known to be the worst handling bike ever made....
....and also the quickest in a straight line!
In other words, a H2 could get you to the scene of the accident faster
than any bike made at the time.
My brother had one of those. I don't know how he survived owning it.
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