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Thankfully the guy in the grey Tahoe didn't have his head in his ass.

I was turning right out of a HD Dealer, watching traffic on the busy road, I was stopped. There was a pickup coming with his blinker on, and a small white car behind him 3-400 feet, as the pickup dropped onto the shoulder to turn in, I saw my opportunity.

I turned right, and grabbed a handful so as not to block the white car when I FELT more than saw, this big grey Tahoe swerve halfway into oncoming traffic to avoid me.

Swear I sat there for 30 seconds watching traffic before making my move, also swear that Tahoe wasn't in the line of traffic.

Obviously it was.

I think if either of us would have had an extra coat of paint, it would have been ugly.

I consider myself a safe, courteous, defensive driver. I taught DD classes for years when I was in Safety, and have internalized most of the tenets I taught.

I f*&#ed up today, and got lucky. I can admit that. And I'm thankful Johnny Tahoe was alert.
I did give him, what I tried to convey as "I'm sorry, and thanks" kind of wave.

He probably just thought "Moron effin' biker..."

Keep your eyes open, fellas, look thrice.

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Mistakes on a bike can be deadly. Thankfully, when you are able to make it out alive, it really makes you think. I seem to have a voice stuck in my head when I'm riding and it always says "be aware of your surroundings"

One of the reasons why I don't like riding when I'm tired, is because that's when I make most of my mistakes. Sometimes, it's just shifting too early, or downshifting too soon. But the last mistake I made, was not reacting to traffic soon enough, the car infront of me stopped quick, and I had to swerve and stop on her left side (at least I had a way out). I pulled the bike over at the next parking lot and took a 20 minute snooze. I can sleep on my bike. I can sleep anywhere....
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