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i knew i shoulda bought a Ural 2wd

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i hate my jeep so bad! i bought it last november to have some way to get to school and the bar in heavy snow. i have had to put too much work into a vehicle i hated in the 1st place. new engine for starters:eek: now im lookin at a brake and alignment job, maybe new balljoints up front. anyone wanna trade thier 2wd Ural, or other sidecar rig for a 83 cj7? its not a bad jeep, just not my thing. if im gonna dump money into and bust my knuckles on something its going to be a bike. any of yall know much about urals? look like a good alternitave to my jeep.
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Made in Russia ain't they? Ought to be a tough bike then.
I seen one for sale here locally. W/sidecar too! They may trade.

click here--->
no luck sellin the jeep yet. been driveing the thing to work. runs good. sounds like a beast! i kinda like driveing it. still want a ural though!

just looks like fun to me:D
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