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I enjoy this motorcycle mechanic

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This fellow named Mustie seems to have a very good mind when it comes to troubleshooting old stuff that doesn't run. He stays calm and collected so I enjoy him a lot. Here is his first of three or four videos on a stuck engine CB350..bought for cheap.

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He drives a pretty sweet split window bus!
That was an enjoyable watch, he got so happy at that first hit of the motor :)
I like this, had a Honda CL360, that was a good bike.
That was an enjoyable watch, he got so happy at that first hit of the motor :)
Sometimes I get a non running/with problems bike and sit over winter trying to get it running and working, there's nothing better than hearing a bike starting up for the first time after its sat for ages not running.

The Recent bikes I have got running are.

BMW R1100S just needed a service and going over as it wouldn't run due to sitting about for ages, had a few other problems like petrol leak and so on.
Honda CBR929 had a weird problem with the fuel pump working sometimes and not others.
Kawasaki VN800 wouldn't start nor turn over, looked a lot like that CB.
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@slumlord, enjoyable video. Thanks for posting.
Yup, he went about it right. Took least invasive method to get it freed up without damage, then methodically one by one worked out the various issues.

He found a problem with the OEM main in-line fuse holder. I had a similar problem with my 1971 Honda CB100 with exact same fuse holder. I improved the electrical reliability by replacing it with a modern mini-blade fuse socket with cover. Even though I violated rules in maintaining "original", I felt this worth it since it is a rider. Cheaply made, that tubular fuse holder is a weak link in these old bikes.
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