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Hello, my name is Miguel and I'm from Portugal. I am 19 years old and I have permission to drive anything under 35KW of power. In the next year I have intention to upgrade my license to unlimited power. The problem is, I have no bike above 50cc and My experience is just a few weeks with a Honda CB500 so I could take that license. And next year I have intention to start to drive my father's gsxr600 and I am afraid of do something out of my comfort zone. I rode bicycles all my life since young and started to drive those 50cc at 16, but I never knew how to wheelie.

Do you think this is a problem? I appreciate your attention
Clearly not being able to wheelie is a serious skill deficiency and makes you a danger to democracy and the God given right to wheelie at wheel (pun). You should have your permission to operate a 50cc revoked until such time as you can demonstrate a proper wheelie on a bicycle. :devil:

Get a dirt bike, ride MX, learn to wheelie where the wheelie is actually a necessary skill.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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