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I am Published!

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This is NOT a book for everyone... But It is a first for me and since it is Motorcycle related I wanted to share...

"The ART of Effective Motorsports Coaching"

Going into the project of writing this book I was doing it as a way to help other coaches and maybe at some level improve the student experience for those who take training. I was not sure what I was doing going into this as I had never written a book before but I can honestly say the outcome and feedback I have received have been better than I could have imagined or even hoped for. It was a project I knew nothing about how to accomplish and if not for the help of friends I could not have done it. Brandon Jackson helped with some photographs, Tracy Martin wrote the forward and gave me writing tips. I could not have done it if not for those who were always there for me. I self-published so no corporate distrabution, but I am really happy with the final result.
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Good work ! As you now know, That is a BIG job.2 Thumbs up!
A couple years ago I also worked in two short movies, I learned a lot from those as well, just how many days, people and equipment just for 10 minutes of final footage. So now I can say I have been in the movies and I have written a book, another learning experience.
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And the Reviews have been great, here are a few...

Effective coaching is an Art鈥
Effective coaching requires the ability to create an environment in which coaches and students develop a partnership in learning that allows for the development of skills outlined in course objectives and students鈥 personal goals. This book reminds us that customer service is at the heart of effective coaching. It provides a clear and concise set of skills that help motorsport coaches, both new and experienced, to know their students, identify preferred learning styles, and meet the students on their level. These skills, along with the right attitude, can increase our effectiveness as coaches. The ART of Effective Motorsports Coaching encourages us to continue to develop our coaching skills so we remain effective guides for our students throughout the learning process and beyond. After more than 30 years of teaching music, and 10 years of motorsports coaching, I have found that the thoughtful process outlined here keeps me focused on guiding the learning process with the student at the center. This book is a wonderful opportunity for anyone in a coaching position to reflect on his or her effectiveness, and areas for growth.

Dr. James Snell
Associate Professor of Music and Motorcycle RiderCoach

The Art of Effective Motorsports Coaching is a relevant and insightful look into what makes an effective motorsports instructor. The vast experience Dave has, not only teaching motorsports but teaching the coaches of motorsports to be better coaches, informs this book with solid tips and tactics to make the learning process meaningful and positive for the coaches and students. Dave highlights the attitudes, skills, and techniques that make the kind of instructor a student from ten years ago will come up to and say 鈥淗ey, remember me? I was in your class!鈥 because he or she had such a positive and memorable experience. As I read The Art of Effective Motorsports Coaching, I could not help but reflect on my own teaching and coaching experiences, and how I might improve them in the future. I think this book will be beneficial to anyone who teaches or coaches motorsports.

Bill Scott
Retired CFO and Motorcycle Instructor

The Art of Effective Motorsports Coaching, by David Beyer
I highly recommend David Beyer鈥檚 new book to anyone who already is, or might someday consider becoming a motorcycle rider coach, control rider, trainer or instructor of any kind. David has an exceptional gift for teaching, made apparent by the clear and concisely presented chapters in his book; and he鈥檚 also very proficient at and enjoys helping others expand their knowledge in these areas. This is not only an excellent book to read and study, but it will also serve the reader well as a reference guide to keep handy whenever it鈥檚 necessary to review a covered topic.
Having been involved in motorcycling for over 35 years, I was greatly encouraged to see these very important topics finally covered in this relevant and invaluable book, The Art of Effective Motorsports Coaching. In addition to augmenting the motorcycle rider training that I offer, David鈥檚 book has also been helpful to me with the non-motorcycle related training I do in my job as the company trainer for a national/international organization.
You already have a passion to help riders refine their existing skills and learn new ones. You enjoy helping them become better and safer riders. You鈥檙e the one who David鈥檚 book will help to learn new techniques and to become an even better and more proficient and effective instructor, and your students will benefit from learning more from you. I strongly encourage you to order your copy of The Art of Effective Motorsports Coaching, by David Beyer today!

Kurt Repsher
Advanced Rider Course Chief Instructor
CMA SC Area Rep - Fast Lane
GWRRA SC-K Rider Educator


The ART of Effective Motorsports Coaching, by David M. Beyer, like all good coaching, is a seamless portrayal of education at its best. This book is for those who teach鈥ust about anything really. His words make sense in an everyday kind of way, like walking through a dark house and finding all the light switches right where they belong. A lifelong and dedicated motorsports coach, Beyer uses his experience on the range to brilliantly illustrate the difference between being a good rider and what is required to effectively transfer those skills to persons who would trust us to teach them well. Many coaches enjoy entertaining their students (and themselves) by telling stories and spinning protracted yarns disguised as examples, often irrelevant to the task at hand. The point of Beyer's book is that if the wheels aren鈥檛 turning, the students aren鈥檛 learning, and as importantly, what we say with the few words we speak is essential. And not only what we say verbally, but also our body language and even where we stand relative to the students鈥 path of travel are all critical, unspoken elements to effective teaching. In a brief 84 pages, the author unpacks a powerful message of a philosophy that helps students build upon victories in an orderly fashion.

Beyer鈥檚 expertise on the range is evident in the confines of the book. He masterfully weaves a variety of illustrations, photographs, relevant quotes, and real-life stories to make point after point. Subtly, the reader finds within himself a heightened awareness of what a student sees, feels and needs in order to learn. His circle of success initiated by first building trust then confidence is broken down to its base elements throughout the book. The nuance of precisely initiating a turn, braking or maintaining body position must be understood first by the coach and then effectively delivered in order for the student to have a chance of learning. The principals of adult education are elusive to a surprising number of coaches, but Beyer鈥檚 methods are reasonable, respectful and always relevant to the student鈥檚 current state of mind and skill of each individual student. Between these pages are pearls of wisdom on how we as instructors can up our game.

Bill Dragoo is an internationally certified BMW Motorrad off-road instructor and owns and operates DART.
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I wrote a novel that did pretty well. It was the hardest most enjoyable thing I have ever done. I felt like I was 'possessed' and HAD to get the story out of my system.
What was your book?
Okay ketch, so being the nosy [email protected]@rd I am, I had to look it up. I does get good reviews and is available on Amazon and other places.

Outlaws book is also available on Amazon, They give a good history of the author but I did not see any reviews.
My Book is not available on Amazon, it is only available from me directly as I self-published. You must be seeing a different book?
Thanks, Critter. But this is his post. I am very proud of him. A lot of people can't even grasp the high you get when a published book comes out with you name on it.
There is another book with the same title as yours about Inca Gold, but I did find yours, sounds great I am going to have to read it now!
Congratulations. Exposing yourself to reviews can be heartbreaking to say the least. But you've done good in this area of biking so you have a good chance continuing to get good reviews as I see has happened above.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
It is still moving and growing as well. Three weeks since I received the first printed copies and I have put out over 100 books... I now have been speaking with some others who have written and just got proofs back from Amazon, so I will be moving over to having them print the book and it will then also be available online from them...Let them sell it and ship it! The book has been well received so far and I think that will only continue as more instructors get a copy. One more step in the process!
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After working with another writer for the last few weeks and then putting in the work to get it done, My Book is now also available from Amazon!

Getting it printed with them and such was more work than getting it printed through other sources, but it will be worth it as now they can handle the printing, shipping etc.
Great Job, I plan to write a book soon. Who long did it take you?
The writing was the quickest part, the original draft took about 8 to 10 weeks and then several more weeks to refine that. Then there was putting together the pictures and graphics, and along the way, there were costs, printing draft copies, editing, ISBN number, copyright... So sometimes I was stalled waiting for money, waiting for editing, waiting for pictures... From when I started to when it got printed it took a little under 18 months.
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