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Hey guys,

I have an issue with my GT250R where I insert the key, and turn it on – but the ‘N’ light does not lit up due to which I am not able to start the bike. When I put the bike in gear, and hold the clutch and try to start – it still does not start. It does nothing on both occasions.

Now, this was an issue in the past, where a mechanic had taken out the neutral sensor, and given it a quick wipe and it kinda worked. And usually, what I have seen is, when the bike is up and running regularly, this doesn’t happen. I also ruled out the possibility of a bad battery, as I found out my battery is dead, and got it replaced with a new MBTX12U 2 days ago – still the same issue persists.

I googled it out, and found out there might be 3 switches that might be causing it – kill switch, neutral switch and side stand switch. I do think it might be something like that (i am not a bike expert though). I could actually take it to the mechanic, except coz its chrismas time most of them are shut down for the holidays, and I was wanting to get this sorted so I could do some uber eats. So thinking of trying to fix it myself if its not that hard.

Is anyone able to tell me what could be done to fix this, or how to clean those neutral sensors? I searched everywhere on the internet, but couldnt find anything. I don’t even know what these switches look like, just because I have never done this before, but I will be able to follow instructors thoroughly.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks for your time.
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