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Hello there few days ago i was going home on my wr125 when my lights suddenly went out, the engine kept running fine, good spark but lights turn signals etc off.

When i tried to start it up the next day no spark
checked the plug changed the plug still no spark.

when i looked at my coil i saw a wire i had to connect to earth after that the motorcycle had its lights again ( only while pushed ) but no spark.

I opened up my stator thing, with the coils inside , 3 coils for lights and one for the ignition. it was so loose nearly touching the case, i got that done, with the tools, still no spark, i think the stator actually touched the case and from the heat one the ignition coil isnt working anymore.

The coil under the tank looks fine to me i measured it as well as the 3 light coilsn in the stator, just the ignition one seeks kinda damaged not giving me enough power ( i think ) on my measurement tool.

How can i tell whats the problem? Thanks.

year 2010 model
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