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I have searched for several hours and have found no answers on any motorcycle forums on how to stop hyperflashing without installing resistors in the existing wires or buying a new relay. I found a thread on a forum about a Toyota Tundra (which is more detailed than this post is) switching to LED brake lights and figured I'd add my successful modification to a motorcycle forum just in case someone was in my shoes and didn't want to wait for the new relay to be shipped, splice into existing wires, or deal with the heat issue of a resistor. My 96 CBR600 has a 3-pin relay to control flashing. The Toyota owner had said that he filed down one of the "hoops." It is absolutely possible to file it down too much. I'd recommend filing in small increments and testing it in-between. I may have messed up the plastic protecting the relay, but some electrical tape is a good enough temporary fix for me. I tried to post a link to the Tundra thread, but wasn't allowed because I'm a new member.
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