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Hey guys, I'm sorry that my uploads have been a bit slow recently. I've become a bit worried about showing my speedometer due to some Japanese comments that suggest I could get into big trouble for showing myself speeding. As my channel isn't that popular at the moment I doubt they would single me out and make an example of me when there are other Japanese motovloggers with 400k subscribers who do the same kind of riding as me. However, I will be blurring my speedo in the next few weeks/months.

One point regarding how I lane split, is that when I said "I'm looking at the tyre"... What I meant by that it that I always look at the truck/cars wheel to make sure it's pointing straight and not about to turn. Rather than looking at the actual vehicle, I tend to look through the rear window to see the drivers hands, then look at the the front wheels to make sure they aren't about to turn into my direction.
Also, generally if there are two vehicles next to eachother, and the gap is wide enough to fit me, I'll go for it as those two vehicles are unable to change lanes, only go straight.

Hope that explains it.
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