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Find track days near you. Sign up to ride and if they have classes take them. If you are any good someone will notice and talk to you

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So I’ve been thinking lately of getting into motogp and I just don’t know where to start and I’ve already gotten my knee down to touch the Pavement, but where do I start now?
Thinking of getting into MotoGP? Here's how you do it...

First you gotta be young.

Next you PAY for all of the safety equipment you wear while on track.

Then you'll need to PAY to get a bike that is race worthy and PAY to make it race ready.

Next you gotta PAY to get on a roadrace track. (A track day somewhere is one way).

Then you PAY to join a roadracing club.

After that you PAY the entry fee for every class the club will allow your bike to run in.

When you can outrun everybody in the lower classes that you started in you PAY to get a bike that is capable of running with the fastest riders in the club.

Then you PAY entry fees to run that bike and keep PAYING till you can outrun most of the riders in your club.

Next you PAY to travel across the country PAYING entry fees at other 'out of region' club races.

When you become one of the fastest riders in club racing in the country running the 'front line' machine you PAYED for you start searching for sponsorship so you can go Pro.

After that you keep PAYING for travel and entry fees till you find that sponsorship needed to run with the big dogs at the professional level.

After you finally secure BIG money sponsorship you go MotoGP racing only to find out every rider there is damn fast.

At that point you find out if you're good enough to even be there.

Simple really...... :plain:

BTW, There is NO starting at the top in anything in this world.
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