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I've ridden a CBR600RR for 9 years and it's the only model I've ever owned. I'm getting a Ninja 1000SX for next season which I'm looking forward to.

I'm 6'3" and 200 lbs and I do feel pretty cramped on my CBR, especially on long trips, but I love the damn thing. People who own sport bikes want several things that they won't compromise on, myself included. (1) The bikes look like pure sex. They are (in my biased opinion) way more attractive than any other style of bike. They look mean, aggressive, the fairings are awesome, and women tend to agree. When I was younger I got asked a lot for rides on my bike. (2) They are fast as hell. Yes, the power band is 9-12,000 rpm, but when you're in that, you move like a rocket. There's nothing else that replicates it. Knowing that you're faster than everything else except 1000cc superbikes and a few supercars is pretty awesome. (3) Once you're used to the ergonomics the maneuverability is insanely good. Flicks from turn to turn so easily and the thing is made for cornering. It just wants to be leaned over.

I'm getting the Ninja because I absolutely want a more comfortable bike, and I want something I can actually take on longer trips. Doing highway miles on a sport bike is tortuous. The downsides to sport bikes are numerous and you've touched on a lot of them already. They're just not very practical bikes. But most people don't own them to be practical. They own them to look and feel cool, which they are very successful at doing.
That about sums it up,I'm in my 50s ,and ride a gsxr1000, its not super comfortable, but neither is a vette or Ferrari. They are more for the ego. But man ,I LUV IT
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