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Well, so far you don't have any members that have quite riding and are still here participating!! I'm 77 and still hanging on like the rest of you older lads. My current Ninja 1000SX is about 515# wet and I can still push it around and not looking for anything smaller or lighter, but we never know what tomorrow will bring until we get to tomorrow. Hopefully it will not be a replacement rather an addition!!

I just joined my local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists' Association.

I've been to 4 meeting so far, and it looks like in all that time they've never taken a group ride or had anybody show up on two or three wheels for any other event. Nor am I aware that any two or more of these club members have gotten together privately to ride just for fun.

I hope that changes I am told that the type of people who are primarily interested in doing group rides are younger people on sport bikes, and they wanna go fast.
I have seen this with the CMA and other types like certain chapters of the American Legion Riders. Many are wearing their vest for social identity of yesteryear. That's fine with me, they used to ride and many are still riders at heart. Unfortunately, like others, I have found it difficult to find others that are enjoyable to ride with, good thing I like solo and 2-up riding!
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