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How many of you love to eat/drink while riding your motorcycle?


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  • Never

    Votes: 65 52.4%
  • I am riding a two wheeler dude !!!

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How many of you eat / drink while riding your motorcycle ?

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Just wanted to know as how many of you out there like to eat and drink ... while riding
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I love eating/drinking while i am riding on a straight road as I have a tank bag and just need to open it ... and start eating :D
Believe it or not I have tried to drink while riding. It's tough to get by the full face helmet. I did try to drink a can of pop while riding a 4 wheeler. That didn't work out so well.
My full face helmet would make me look like the guy with the drinking problem in the movie "Airplane".

On the other hand, my buddy with the Ultra Classic has cupholders a plenty. He dumped it once pulling into a parking place and his girlfriend managed to get off and hang on to her large Diet Coke without spilling a drop. :eek:
Not much on eating while riding, but on some of the long trips we take (14 days perhaps 300-500 miles a day) ya gotta drink sometime. :)
I don't eat. But on those long rides I do have some water handy to gulp down while on the road.
drinking and riding

I usually keep a fifth of vodka to swig on for long trips but i hardly ever get more than 20 miles.
Its awesome to learn more about other countries... no better place to learn in a common plat form :D
It never really crossed my mind. Even on a long trip I got to stop every two to three hours... and I drink then. A friend of mine has a Goldwing and I think he drinks while they ride... it seems like it has a drink holder on it.
Yes, I eat while riding, but just a candy bar or a Slim Jim. I have a bottle holder that holds a 20 oz bottle just fine.
I've been known to snake the hose from a Camelback up through the full-face helmet from time to time on longer eating though....that's a bit difficult. I can see it now....ham sandwich hanging out of the bottom of the helmet....LOL!
I'll keep stuff in the saddlebags for long rides, but never eat or drink while riding. If I get hungry/thirsty, I'll pull off the road, snag a bite and a couple swallows real quick, and get back on the go.

I really like the camelback idea though, and may have to try that on my next long ride.
I never eat/drink while driving but I tryed smoking once, it didn't last more then 20 seconds and I even burn my upper lip lol
If I know I'll be riding for more than an hour at a time, I'll pack my CamelBack. I saw my grandpa once ride with an open beer between his legs that was gone by the time we reached our next stop!
I drink all the time. I live in a warm climate and would die of dehydration if I didn't.
I occasionally drink a soda while riding, only because I have a place to wedge a can securely under the instrument cluster. I have also been known to fire up a stogie while puttin' down the back roads.
Hell yeah! Eat....Drink....Smoke(sans windscreen),...joggle bags of groceries in my lap...and in my younger days, I've even been known to get a lap dance or two whilest puttin down the road. Helmet??? What Helmet???:eek:
These new trike conversions have armrests and cupholders. Riders tell me that a straw is necessary however.
I got a helmet with one of those flip up "jaws" and really like it while driving in town. I've often thought about getting a drink holder for a water bottle but I like the camelback idea! I've used one when doing endurance and wagon train rides on the horse - don't know why it didn't occur to me to use it on the bike. :confused: Thanks for remindin me VFR!

The Camelback will be great for long hauls, but its also nice to pop in to a watering hole for a soda or two occassionally!:)

your bike should be the most comfortable place in the world for you. you need to be able to do all sorts things on your bike eat, drink, smoke. ill agree with Capt. on the lap dance, however thats only happened on my 4 wheeler to date.
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