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Hey all! New member here.

I am joining a few forums to see if ANYONE can help me with the issues I am having with my 1974 XL175.

I bought this bike about 4 months ago, I just got done getting the title and all the paperwork done for her.

But there has been a problem facing this bike, the charging system won't work.
These older XL bikes need a battery to run, the Stator makes AC power which goes to a rectifier and then to a voltage regulator and then to the battery.

If the battery is dead, it WILL NOT run no matter how many times you kick it.

It's all fine and dandy right? Keep it on a tender and have it charge up and the bike will run great - But no.

The battery doesn't get charged, you can't use anything like the headlights, horn or signal because it kills the battery (Yes, even while running!) Which is extremely unsafe to do.

The bike will run until the coil drains the battery - I have been stranded 4-5 times away from home....

My question for you more experienced people, WHY? Why will the bike NOT charge the battery?
I bought this from a friend who has built and owns numerous old honda bikes and he can't figure it out.

I replaced the stator with one off ebay and it would charge the battery at about 7.4 volts, and it died again and quit charging the battery, now as soon as I take it off the charger it just drains.

Other than the stator, my friend tried a different rectifier, voltage regulator, and battery but to no avail it still dies.

I really like this bike, I wanna ride! Thank you, I can answer any questions needed.

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Rather than randomly changing parts, it's best to trace the problem back to the source with a multimeter to isolate the issue. It is entirely possible that the problem is in the wiring between the components, or even a poor primary ground from the battery. Even if a wire looks good from the outside, the actual wiring inside the insulation may be corroded away. That's a very common issue with old motorcycles.
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