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Hi all,

I've got an electrical issue I've been struggling with for a while.

I get lights but no start or click. My starter/ ignition fuse repeatedly blows. If I put in a new fuse I get a brief response from the starter before it goes again.

I've replaced the solenoid and ignition coils and cleaned up a few grounds but to no avail. (Also new battery).

Can anyone recommend next steps or how should go about tackling this? I've attached the wiring diagram which I'm going to keep working along.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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If the fuse is blackened when it opens, it is a short circuit, BUT if it opens and not all black and you can easily see the lead link, then it opened on overload. try to get this schematic bigger, two good pair of 1/2 glasses does squatt! BUT I would be glad to help if I can see what these components are. From what I can make out Bat+ connects to 2 wires at starter solenoid, one wire goes to rec/reg, which goes to stator. other wire goes to a box which is the 3rd box to left of starter motor what is this box? I'd say one side of the starter sol. coil is grounded somewhere.
its other side connects to + of system. if bike has clutch and kick stand switches, they could be shorted internally to ground. with ign. sw. on power could go thru both clutch and kickstand and maybe neutral sw before it will work starter sol.. get me a better, bigger clearer diagram,I feel I can help u if I know what the parts are.
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