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Good Afternoon All

So i've doing some work on my Honda Magna and i feel like i've almost got it running again. Just needed to bounce some questions off someone. Current problem is i have a Magna that has a reserve tank. The red hose (picture below) goes from the main tank to the reserve tank. I was having problem because the hose had this white looking cork in it that seemed to be stopping gas from flowing. In my infinite wisdom i removed that cork so that the gas could flow freely. I hooked it all up, put a lot of gas in there and was ready for my problems to be solved. Unfortunately gas started spewing out of this little nub next to the main hose. I think this would be the overflow. Will added a small hose solve this issue? I'm honesty confused.


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The piece you found in the line looks like a piece of garbage that someone accidentally dropped in the tank and couldn't/didn't retrieve.

The "nub" should have a fuel line attached to it that is the vent line, and (I believe) should be attached to the main tank.
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