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I was wanting help with trying to figure out why my 2010 Honda CBR600RR is not starting. So on Tuesday I washed my bike without hosing the bike down. Just a regular bucket and sponge. When I finished, I started the bike up and drove it into my garage. The next day, wanted to ride, went to start the bike and it won’t start. Everything cranks but not turning over. So far what I have done, checked all fuses, replaced battery, check air filter. I even tried to push start the bike and nothing.

Back story, in the summer time, this same issue happened. I washed my bike, wouldn’t start a day later. That time bought a new battery and checked fuses. I had it towed to a bike shop. Two days later, the shop called me and said that, “You had fused to wires together and caused the bike not to start”. They charged me $450.00. When I went to get my bike, they couldn’t even show me these so called fused wires. They claimed they had no clue where it went. Now I never heard of that happening before. So I think they took me for 450.

But if you guys could provide me any other information, that would be great. Imma planning on taking the bike to another bike shop on Monday if I can’t get it to start my self.
I've come across this alot. A few of the common causes that I remember:

-Starter solenoid got soaked (usually older style)

-water leaked into the air filter and soaked it: causing air flow restrictions

-water went past air filter into cylinders: removes oil film on cylinder walls lowering compression.

-water plugging case breather: usually connects from the case to the air box

-plug boots/tubes filled with water: especially if there are any cracks in the boots, the water will play havoc with the spark

-water ran down frame, under the tank into connectors/fuse block

Basiclly the water is playing with the electrics, causing intake/breather restrictions or flooded the cylinders.

It's just a matter of drying things out

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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