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I own CBF1000 and i seem to have a problem (it was pinpointed at service) that Throttle position sensor is faulty (motorcycle stutters when revs are at some level - between 2k - 2.2k).
But, the problem is that the original TPS (Keihin) is no where to be found and service which identified this problem did have nothing to offer.
Basically, the question is:
Did anyone came upon this problem and can it be solved by some other manufacturer's TPS?
Or maybe it can be solved by a car's TPS (Honda has almost identical looking TPS on car's like Honda Civic and Honda accord)?

P.S. I know as much, that it has the spin (counter clockwise) and a position (pointing at 11AM)

Thank you for your time spent reading this and wrapping it in your head. :)
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