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Hello, so i bought a used honda a couple of weeks ago, bike seems to run well, but the engine management light comes on when i turn the key in the bike to start the electrical system, there is also a whirring sound for a couple of seconds alongside this. I own a haynes manual and the engine light doesn’t flash in any sort of pattern, it just comes on for 2-3 seconds which isn’t the “long flash” the manual describes, anyone know what the light is indicating?
Secondly this motorbike was recently mot’d only issue was the speedo cable, i have no changed the cable and the speedometer still doesn’t work, anything else i should i check?
Finally any suggestions on how to remove a seized bolt? Can’t get the oil drain bolt to budge with a socket, been applying wd40 daily trying to loosen it with no luck, would it be best to just take it to a mechanic to avoid doing any permanent damage?
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