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Hello Everyone, my name's Kai!

New here, first motorcycle forum i've registered to. I've got a 1982 Honda CB650 project i've been working on for a while now. Unfortunately I am looking into selling in order to pay for a car. It's been a huge amount of fun for me to build, deffinitely a passion project - also my first motorcycle. I've done everything I could myself and worked with a local mechanic to do the carb work.

here's a list of the new parts and work done:

-Titanium exhaust wraps
-Rear shocks (adjustable)
-Handlebar controls (left + right)
-Replaced Oil
-Custom Paint
-Fully custom italian leather seat
-Spedometer + Tachometer (backlit)
-Blinkers (Motogadget)
-Flash relay (no hyperflash)
-Starter Solenoid
-Open air intake (with rejetted and tuned carbs)
-Spark plugs
-Clean tank


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Beautiful bike! I'm working on a CB650 myself, 1980. Question: How did you get the open-air intake figured out? Without being connected to the stock airbox on the other side, how does the carb stay up? Seems like the rubber couplings coming from the engine won't be enough to hold the weight of the carb.
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