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Honda CB350 K4

General Information:
  • Sell Date: 1972-73
  • Rel Date: 02/01/72
  • Product Code: 317 (Middle number of Honda part numbers)
  • Frame number: CB350-4000001
  • Engine number: CB350E-4000001

Available Colors:
  • Gentle Maroon Metallic
  • Candy Gold
  • Candy Bacchus Olive
  • Light Ruby Red

  • Taillight is larger.
  • Side covers emblems are larger.
  • Seat latch uses a key.

Info originally from now-defunct

Morning Guy,

Man, I'm really getting to love this forum! :D Talk about many trips down memory lane. :eek: I'm not quite sure of the 'K' (number) designation, but I did in fact own (guessing) a used (?) 1972 Honda CB350 at one time. Or more acurately is the bike that got me through my Senior year in High School (1974). I can only describe the bike as having the oem Fire-Engine Red two-tone paint, larger for that year gas tank and flip-up (non-lockable) gas cap. It did in fact have a locking seat as I recall. I wish the 'tool carrier' had been locking too - was the only used bike I ever did receive a (such as they were) factory tool kit still intact, which was promptly stolen off the bike in the HS parking lot! :mad:

I wish I could say the little scoot was among some of my better bikes but afraid I cannot. In all fairness the ride had been through a lot of (abusive) hands before me, and I was still learning (the hard way) how to repair these machines back then. Never the less, I got no regrets - was just all part of the 'learning experience'. :D A few years later I was to own briefly a 1971 CL350 (the Scrambler version). :cool:

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