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Honda CB350 K0

General Information:
  • Sell Date: 1968-69
  • Rel Date: 02/29/68
  • Product Code: 287 (Middle number of Honda part numbers)
  • Frame number: CB350-1000001
  • Engine number: CB350E-1000001

Available Colors:
  • Candy Blue/White
  • Candy Red/White
  • Green/White

  • Gas tank is two tone, side covers and headlight shell are white.
  • Fork covers are primary colors.
  • Non-pleated seat.
  • Oval taillight lens

Info originally from now-defunct

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I'll add that the tank is two toned with no stripe between colors. The green color is kind of a teal green. Ealiest ones had a different (more bumpy "hotrod") cam. First carbs were 350As with a rectangular float, after which came (with a cam change to a milder cam) followed by 3Cs, and then 3Ds. There is no odometer on the speedo. Cables are silver.

My "green"/white 1968 K0 CB350:

Pictures shows a direct shift lever, but original manual shows a linked shifter and my bike does have the atachment point for the linkage so I think that was original.


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