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This is my first bike, and I am running into some issues with the wiring.

The bike will start up and ride just fine about 70% of the time, but it has a very strange problem every once and a while. The lights will come on when the engine is off and they will all work fine, but once the engine is on and I turn on any lights, the engine cuts out and none of the lights will work anymore. Even with the engine off. (although they will work if I rev the engine up, but it has to be revved up very high) I can get the engine to start again sometimes but it takes a lot of kicks. If I leave it overnight it will usually start right up and all of the lights will work.

The first time this happened I could get it to run if I left it overnight but none of the lights would ever come on. I thought maybe the battery was bad, so I got a new one (6 volt system) and it worked for a couple days until it happened again. I checked all of the wiring and everything was correct. (although it turns out I may be using the wrong schematic, but I will get to that later) So I brought it to a mechanic who works specifically on 1969-1979 Honda CBs, and after he worked on it he told me that some wires were not connected, he grinned down a ground because it was not getting a good ground, two wires were connected that should not have been, and my ignition switch is supposed to have 3 wires and mine only has two. When I check my wiring schematic that says it is for a Honda CB100 it shows that the two wires I had connected where supposed to be connected, a blue wire and a brown wire in the headlight spliced together in the middle of each wire, and that there is only 2 wires coming from the ignition switch, one red, one black. The mechanic told me that there is supposed to be one red, one black, and one brown. I believe that he was right on that because when I first got the bike it was hot wired, and there were 3 wires. (And also because he is a professional and knows much more then I do)

Now, seance he worked on it, it was running fine for a day, but at the end of the day the problem started again. Only this time the bike started running correctly again when I left it overnight and tried it again this morning.

It seems to do it usually after I take the bike for a short ride. (I have never taken it for a ride over 10 minutes)

- Andrew
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