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Hi guys, I have a honda cb100na 1986 that I will be restoring / customising, first time rider. I can't get it to stay on idle. I'd already diagnosed and replaced electrical components (condenser, coil, plugs, timing points) to get a spark, Now it will start most kicks once warm but still stall out after a few seconds. It will only start with a bit of throttle too, and Intermittent response from the throttle, i.e. I can kind of keep it going if I'm pulling throttle but will still die out. It's got brand new aftermarket carb on so all the seals are new and pod filter as that's what the previous owner had. Carb jets are clear and I'm happy to play around with the carb/ jets idle screw etc but not sure if it's a different issue.

I'm wondering if it's an air leak or somewhere not getting fuel properly

I had cleaned out the tank and put new fuel in but maybe the filter / petcock need replacing too- (they didn't look dirty)

It's got a new battery that I filled and charged but the horn and indicators are also very weak - not sure if this is a separate issue.

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Thank you
Olly from UK
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