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Hello everyone! I apologize for being new and coming into here, but I thought I would share my experience with Honda and trying to get my motorcycle repaired. Also to see if anyone has had similar problems, know where to go next and et certa.

I'm mostly on reddit /r/motorcycles. I don't know if linking is fine, but I'll link it down-thread it warranted.

But to get to the main point of the post. My Cb300F presented problems at 7,800 where is shut down and had knocked. I immediately brought it home (like a mile away) and called a tow to an indie shop that I had previously worked with on my bike. They did some general inspection, maintenance asking if I changed oil, what did I touch, and so forth. I told them and they looked over every part of the motorcycle. They called me days later saying she is running again but has that knocking noise, it sounds a lot like the recall issue.

We call the dealership I bought it new from (2016 Cb300f new). And they said they did the recall. But there was no stamp. We called the dealership over nearby us and asked them about this situation. We brought it to them and they supported the indie's shop saying its a lower-end problem, sounds like the recall on cb300f's crankshaft and rod bearings. We contacted Honda. Honda then asked for a tear-down and inspection. I talked with Honda about this situation and they said they would take care of me. I was greatful. Then after a week, they declared it must have not been their fault, I incorrectly replaced the filter at some point. They could not prove or verify it, but it should have been me, not on them. Even though there was no stamp.

I begged for goodwill or for support, anything. A week later, they told me no it is out of warranty issue and goodbye. The dealership told me to pick up the motorcycle or incur fees as to storing it there. So I went and picked up my motorcycle in pieces today. The engine is apart, the frame is sitting there. Everything is on my floor. Anyone had similar issues or know of such? I can provide pictures, dates, and all if you guys want. Also.
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