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Hi All

my son recently bought a 2003 Honda Today 50 scooter (also known as a Honda NVS in other markets. Looks similar to the Metropolitan... maybe ?). The problem; once warm it runs RICH. Sluggish, misfiring, stalling and so on. We have checked the usual things, jets, needle are all standard and it is not flooding etc.

Finger of suspicion is pointing at the cold enrichment circuit. This is controlled by an electrically heated valve, and on the bench that seems to be working fine, though I can't figure out what should be coming out of the loom to the valve. Information seems thin on the ground, and the local honda dealer has not been terribly helpful. My questions;

does anyone have a copy of a wiring diagram for this machine they could send me or point me at ?
what should the voltage / current be that feeds the valve ? Is it battery fed, or generator fed ?
what are the operating specs. for the valve ? IE ;
what is the operating temp it should reach ?
what is the cold 'deck height' and how should that be measured ?
what is the deck height one at operating temp ?

thanks in advance for any help - Stuart
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