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I approve of your choice for 2 reasons.
1) It worked.
2) You had a handle on the significant risk, that the van might swerve into your were focused on the van, very much aware of any movement, and using what advantage you have (speed and maneuverability) to put yourself out of an unpredictable situation quickly and simply, rather than entering the complicated traffic pattern to the right which may very quickly deteriorate from the situation that is unfolding.

My wife was faced with a similar high speed decision to make last year in Indiana, at about 85 mph a poorly merging vehicle and a short entrance ramp from construction caused a truck to force it's way into her path to avoid running over a slow moving van, she too chose to blast down the shoulder and put it all behind her as fast as she could. This worked for her too, even though I almost had a heart attack watching it in my mirror!
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