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Hi I'm Alex, Currently In Malaysia. Just gotten my bike license, and I'm starting my car lesson soon.

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We are a friendly site here. Well, most of us.

Not familiar with your bike but as far as phone holder goes, if
there is a open place on the handlebar then you can mount a
holder on it.
And learn the friction zone and control is relative easy but does
take a little practice. Get a 2x4 and place in front of the front tire,
then try to go up on top of the 2x4 and stop before going back
down. If that seems too easy do the same thing with a 4x6. It
will give you plenty of practice with the friction zone and learn
control of the clutch and brake.
If going on top of either or both boards is to long a stretch back
to ground then put more of the same size boards on both sides
so you start off with knees bent but stretching once of top.
This is just one way to learn. You can also find an empty parking
lot and just practice starts and stops until the wheel fall off.

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Welcome aboard
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