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Hmmm, where to start.

I am 52, my name is Sean - and I have no road name. I live in NW corner of Iowa. I was born on a motorcycle. Grew up racing motocross. In 1984, I bought a new 1983 XZ550RK (Vision) that was unsold - because people didn't like them - well, her. I still have her. We went to sr. prom together. It's been somewhat of a love/hate relationship, probably much like yours and your partner.

I also own a 1993 Venture. Oh, and a 1982 XL125S that my nephew tore up when I headed off to college. I've since put her back together, but she's not like she was.

So now, the reason for finding this site. For some reason, I thought I wanted to do a brat/cafe project this winter and started looking around these parts. I found a 1984 Seca 750. It's been sitting decades. I've made some headway on trying to get it running. I am hoping this site can serve as a resource with some very smart folks to assist in my quest.

Thank you friends.

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Normally just a few more posts(count of 3) and the rest of the site
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is needed today. But you have to make 15 posts before you can post
pictures. Right or wrong it's considered a privilege to be able to post
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We are friendly site here. Well, most of us:grin:

Your mom must have been awesome to have delivered you on a motorcycle. Headed to the hospital or surprise? I know...I know. :devil:
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